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I received this beautiful pocket wallet from Lukas & Suzy VanDyke and I love the mission behind their product as well as the craftsmanship. Thank you for this amazing gift. You guys are such giving people and love what you're doing with the people of Honduras. I've put it to use on my travels already and am impressed by the quality!

- Kenny Kim

Has anyone else noticed that the Wild & Free Supply wallets make PERFECT business card holders? Gone, are the days of not having my cards on me, or handing someone the last crumpled card from the bottom of my camera bag.

- Kristen Booth

I’m a rock climber, and I do what I want. I don’t want a bulky wallet in my pocket or loose in my car. I want a wallet to fit in and go where I go without getting in my way.
- Tommy Ferrara

I have one of these wallets and the best word to describe them is...AWESOME!
At first it was a little snug, but as it broke in I can fit twice as many cards in it. The best part is it takes no room in my pocket and thus is never in my way, whether I'm rock climbing of working with the roaster.
-Daniel Kent

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