About Our Products


The Laptop Bag

The all leather Wild & Free Supply MacBook Pro Bag is more than just your average generic laptop bag. It’s carefully designed to bring style together with simple functionality. Designed for the 15” MacBook Pro Retina the main compartment fits your laptop like a glove. The front two pockets are custom designed to hold the Apple Magic Mouse, and Apple Wireless Keyboard (or anything else you want to put in there), and the back pocket for the standard Magsafe power supply.

Unlike most other messenger bags, we engineered our bag to be thin as possible. We wanted it to function as a stylish stand-alone bag for excursions to the office or coffee shop, but also to fit in your backpack replacing your laptop sleeve when traveling. With the laptop, mouse, keyboard, and power supply inside, our bag is a mere 3” thick. Without the power cord it’s less than 2” thick. It’s the perfect combination of rugged durable real leather, and simple functionality.

When it comes to quality ingredients, we went for the best. Most “leather” bags you will find on the market are made with cheap “genuine”, or “bonded” leather, or even worse, with vinyl. Some bags even use real top-grain leather, but they slice it as thin as humanly possible and then add a backing of canvas or other fabrics to add bulk. As soon as their bags get any kind of use, you will start to see the canvas backing wear through the thin layer of leather or vinyl.

At Wild & Free Supply each bag has only four ingredients.

  • Thick top grain and full grain local Honduran leather all the way through
  • Brass Hardware
  • Waxed Thread
  • Beeswax Coating

Our bags are made using hard full grain leather for the core, and softer flexible top grain leather for the exterior. Each bag is hand stitched with a needle using an overlapping saddle stitch method and reinforced with rivets at stress points.


  • Thickness: 1” empty, 2”-3” filled
  • Width: 16”
  • Height: 11.25”
  • Interior dimensions for laptop compartment: 14.25” x 9.75” x 1”
  • Strap length is adjustable between and 33” and 55”

The Field Pouch

The field pouch is designed as a catchall module add-on for the items you need quick access to. It can be quickly attached or detached from the back of the laptop messenger bag for keeping your passport, tickets, paperwork, wallet, USB power supply, phone, earbuds, travel adapters, eye mask and a pen.

It’s the perfect case to have handy while navigating through the airport and then slides easily into the seat pocket on the airplane with everything you will need handy during the flight. It's also great for just everyday use to carry all the accessories you need on a daily basis.

The Field Pouch comes with two multiple purpose straps that can be attached either as handles or wrist wraps to turn the bag into a grab proof clutch. They can also be used as single or double wrapped bracelets.

If you have the full All You Need Kit you can attach the laptop bag’s shoulder strap directly to the pouch and use it as a smaller stand-alone shoulder bag. You can also use the straps to attach the laptop bag to a rolling suitcase.

Each field pouch is hand stitched with top grain leather and all brass hardware.


  • Thickness: 0.4” empty, 1”-2” filled.
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Height: 5.5”



The Field Notes

For the minimalist, it makes more sense to have a single small book for short-term use with notes and thoughts from a smaller time period rather than a bulky easy to lose book with years of information. With that in mind, we designed the Field Notes with a protective leather cover specifically for the 64 page 3.5” x 5.5” Moleskine Cahier Journal. Altogether the book and cover is thinner than any of the hardcover Moleskine journals and offers the flexibility of being able to change out the notes on a regular basis. 


  • Leather Field Notes Cover
  • One 64 page 3.5” x 5.5” Moleskine Cahier Journal

Cover Dimensions:

  • Thickness: 0.5”
  • Width: 4”
  • Height: 6”

The Thin Wallet

Here at Wild & Free Supply our flagship product has always been our thin single pocket thin wallet. Designed to hold just a couple cards, a few bills and fit in your front pocket. Not only does it look good, but also creates an easy low profile solution for the minimalist approach to the perfect wallet.

Wallet 2.0 First Class is an upgraded version of the original with an additional small cash pocket on the front of the wallet. It’s perfect for grabbing cash tips to hand out on your first class adventures, as well as a place to stash away that little emergency cash that’s always good to have around.

Each wallet is made with full-grain leather which means that it’s not only the top of the line leather available on the market, but also that it will develop a natural patina over time making the wallet look better and better the more it’s used.

Wallet holds approximately 8-9 cards in main pocket and 5-10 bills in the front pocket.


  • Thickness: 0.75”
  • Width: 2.75”
  • Height: 3.75”




Simple products need simple descriptions. This is a solid iron key ring, with a leather tab, brass rivets, and Wild & Free Supply logo burned on it. Need we say more?