Frequently asked QUESTIONS and more...

The questions we get asked the most and some in-depth answers...

Q. Why does Amazon have free shipping and you don’t?

A. Two reasons. #1 Amazon charges $119 a year for their Prime service in order to get “free shipping”, and some of that fee pays for the shipping. #2 Amazon is a billion-dollar company and has negotiated much cheaper rates with shipping services than small companies like us have access to.

Q. Why is shipping so expensive?

A. We calculate what it costs to ship based on the weight & size of the item plus your zip code and show you the cheapest options. If you live in a rural area shipping tends to be a lot more than if you live in a major city. But if you live in the country you get the benefit of more space, fresher air, and less noise. So everyone wins.

Q. What are your TOS for sales?

A. All sales run for a limited amount of time, and sale dates will be posted on the site on social media or sent via email. Sales can be via a coupon code that needs to be entered at checkout, or an automatic coupon code that is visible on the product page during the sale (e.g. the product page might show the sale price next to the original price). Some sales might require you to do one thing to get another thing. (e.g. buy one to get one half off, or spend $200 to get $10 off, etc.)

Below are the general Terms & Conditions that apply to all sales. See the sale detail page for more specifics:

  • Offers are valid for the stated discount during the stated time frame in PST.
  • Offers are only valid online at
  • Non-automatic Coupon codes must be entered at the time of purchase.
  • Coupon codes can not be stacked with any other coupon, deal or free shipping code.
  • Sale offers are not valid on prior purchases, returns, special orders, package discounts, repair services, back-ordered items or bulk & group sales.
  • Sale offers are not valid on any clearance or "One of a Kind" outlet items.
  • Sale offers are limited to stock on hand while supplies last during the sale, and are nontransferable or redeemable for cash.
  • Sale offers may not be combined with any other discount or offer.

Q. Can I stack coupon codes?

A. No, each coupon code has a specific purpose and can’t be stacked.

Q. Why are your leather products more money than I want to pay for them?

A. We make quality products that are priced fairly according to their current market value. Yes, you can find leather products for cheaper, but they are either made with lower quality materials (plastic or aluminum hardware, goatskin, fabric-lined cheap leather, etc.), or made by slaves, or a combination of both. You can also find leather products that are much more expensive than ours and it’s usually because they have even more expensive higher quality materials (e.g. stainless steel instead of our brass hardware, or pigskin linings instead of our raw leather interiors, etc.), they have a more intricate manufacturing process than we use, or they are attached to a higher-end brand name that incurs that extra cost through their marketing. You can choose to go cheap, or you can choose to go luxury or you can choose the middle ground we offer. All three options are fair and fine, it’s just your preference. But on top of our fairly priced quality products, we do add the benefit of knowing your purchase is helping do Gospel ministry in Honduras.

Q. Can I use a coupon code on a sale item?

A. No, coupon codes can’t be stacked and stacking won’t work on items that are already marked down unless specifically mentioned in the sale promotion.

Q. Why does my old free shipping code not work on a sale item?

A. See above. Some old free shipping codes will still work on full-priced items, but sale items are automatic coupon codes that cannot be stacked.

But when it really comes down to it is shipping ever free? No, it’s not. You ALWAYS pay for it one way or another. If it’s Amazon you’re paying for it as part of your Amazon Prime membership fee. If it’s “free” on another website it’s because there is less of a discount. For example, if you have a $100 item that costs $10 to ship, a company might mark it down 20% with free shipping for a total of $30 off. Or they could mark an item down 30% without free shipping and have the same $30 off. We hate to break it to you, but free shipping is really just a marketing gimmick that can be spun a lot of different ways. But you (as the customer) ALWAYS pay for it one way or another. (That’s the short answer… there is a much longer one)

Q. I seem to remember my free shipping code working on a sale price on your site?

A. Yes, that was one of two things. #1 there was a glitch in our site at one point that allowed free shipping codes (and other codes) to work on sale prices. With how slim our margins are we lost money every single time that happened which really hurt our business and ability to help people in Honduras. It should be fixed now, but please let us know if you see it happening again. #2 As mentioned above at some points we have done “free shipping” as part of specific sale promotion.

Q. I don’t remember reading about how stacking coupon codes isn’t possible in your TOS with the code I received?

A. Have you read the TOS as to stacking coupon codes on any large retail website? They are always over a page long, and it’s obvious that it was written by a large team of lawyers who thought it all through. We’re a small company WITHOUT a team of 50 lawyers and we try our best (we really do), to be as honest and forthright as possible with everything. But occasionally, we forget to add things in the small print like “you can’t stack 10 discount codes and make items free”, or “free shipping doesn’t apply to ship a $5 item to Africa as that would cost us over $65 in shipping fees”. We would hope common sense would prevail, and we will continue to try and be as forthright as possible and to put as much small print as humanly possible. We’re not out to get you, the whole idea is to create a win/win relationship… we create a product you can love, you send money to pay for it and everyone is happy.

Q. Is shipping ever free?

A. See above, “free shipping” is a myth. But sometimes we do give out free shipping codes as a sales gimmick and they will work on full price items. However, the codes do get changed frequently.

Q. I bought a product at full price a week ago, and now it’s on sale. Can I get some money back?

A. No, for three reasons. #1 All of our products are priced fairly at their regular price. So you are getting a good value for your money even at full price. We only do sales when we need to move inventory faster, or clear out space for something new. #2  We advertise all our sales in advance via our email list so no-one is caught unaware when one is coming soon. #3 All our sales, and sale prices are based on current inventory and what we need to move at specific times to stay in business. If we had known people would want to go back in time and change their order in advance a lot of things might have been different.

But really? Do you want to be one of those people? At in-person events we go to we often have people tell us they won’t pay the sale price because they want to pay full price to support the men and women doing ministry in Honduras. That’s cool. But agreeing to pay something, and then trying to back out of it? That’s LITERALLY taking food out of the mouths of our team (each person who we know individually) in Honduras after we’ve already done the accounting, done inventory, and made future hiring decisions based on past sales.


Q. The product I received is exactly like the product description on the website. However, I didn’t read the product description and there is something I didn’t expect. Can I return it?

A. Yes, you can just send it back to us and we’ll get you a refund. However, since it is exactly like the product description you will need to pay for return shipping.

Q. The leather product I received isn’t the exact shade or texture in the product photo, can I return it?

A. Yes, you can return it and we’ll get you a refund. If it’s a slightly different shade or texture than the photos that’s normal (as stated in our product description) since all the leather we use is un-sanded full-grain leather (the very best kind), it means each cowhide and each piece is unique in shade and texture and you will need to pay return shipping. If you received something black when you ordered brown, or something with no handle when you ordered a handle then we will pay return shipping.

Q. I bought one of your “One of a Kind” outlet items. Can I return it?

A. No. We photograph each and every “One of a Kind” outlet items individually so you get to see a photo of the actual product you will receive along with a clear description. There are no returns or refunds on “One of a Kind” outlet items.

Q. My best friend's second cousin's mom bought this and I ended up with it. Can I return it?

A. If it’s in new condition with the tags and you include the original email receipt with the return then we can refund the original card that was used to pay for it.

Q. I bought an item on sale can I return it for full price?

A. No, but you can return items for the price you paid as long as they are in new condition and you mail them back to us with the tags on it. See our return policy for more details.

Q. My item has a manufacturing defect can I return it?

A. Yes, we make every effort to make sure things look good before they go out, but every now and then something slips through the cracks. If your item seems to have a production defect please email us with a description and photos and we can get it repaired, replaced, or refunded.

Q. I would like to exchange one item for another item, how do I do this?

A. You can mail back the old item (as long as it’s still in new condition with the tags), once we receive it we can issue you a refund. You can then use the refunded money to purchase the new item. Or you could just purchase the new item, and then mail us back the one you don’t want and as long as it's in new condition with the tags we will issue you a refund.

Q. Can you make me a custom product?

A. Yes and No. If it’s for 1 item, no. If it’s for 100+ items there is a chance we could custom design and make something for you. We’ve done it before, but it depends on the scope of the project. You can email if you would like to get in touch with someone about the idea.

Q. Can you put custom logos on your product?

A. On occasion, we’ll have a promotion where we do custom engraving, but it’s not standard on our site. We do, however, offer custom engraving with your logo for all our bulk and corporate orders. You can email for more info on our bulk rates.

Q. I saw one of your products with a certain organizations logo on it, how do I get one of these?

A. We do a lot of bulk orders where organizations will order a large quantity of a certain items from us with their logo on it. You’re probably seeing one of those items. In general, you need specific permission from an organization to put their logo on anything, and we can only do this in cases where the ordering party has that permission.

Q. Do you employ child labor?

A. No.

Q. What percent of your profits go to help the people in Honduras?

A. Our mission is to provide jobs for men and women doing Gospel ministry in Honduras. All of our products are made by people we handpick and hire who are either working their way through seminary or involved in local church plants. So 100% of the labor cost of making the products goes towards these individuals. Visit our “mission” page for more details.

Q. How much do you pay your workers in Honduras?

A. We pay them well above minimum wage to the point where any positions we have open are in demand.