our kickstarter has ended, but this isn't the end.

If you backed our Kickstarter, you can check progress by clicking the button below. If you missed the Kickstarter, don't worry! The Study Collection will be coming to our store soon.


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What you need to know.


The New Study Collection

In light of the overwhelming success of last year's Kickstarter, we have a new line of full-grain leather products we know you are going to love.  This will be your chance to snag new goods well below the retail price and before anyone else. We already hit our initial funding goal, but that doesn't mean we're done! The higher we get the more people we get to help and the more resources we can give away!


Study Bible Donation

If you choose any one of the Kickstarter Combo Reward Packages, not only will you receive some awesome stuff,  but Wild & Free Supply will also donate and deliver a Study Bible to someone in Honduras in your name. We'll post a photo or video of the person next to your name on our website.


Time is Running Out.

When the above clock finishes counting down this Kickstarter and these deals will be gone forever and you will also have missed your chance to get our awesome new line at a deep discount as well as missed the chance to help get someone in Honduras to get study resources. Don't delay.

More Details

Purpose. We know we have one in the grand scheme of life, but we often struggle to find meaning in the day-to-day. Whether we’re in school or out in the workforce, we are all students of something. And while learning can be exciting and full of opportunity, it can also go dull. We can lose our drive, our conviction, our passion. But what if something as simple as your backpack, journal or basic study tool could spark that inner fire in you again and truly make a difference in the world at the same time?

Our team has developed a set of beautiful, versatile study and every day carry products that we’re ready to send down to Honduras and start making, and start providing more jobs. But getting a new line off the ground (especially with the quality materials we use) is expensive. To make this happen we need your help.


A Kickstarter is a campaign where you make a donation pledge to get a reward (in this case our new product line). Only if enough people pledge to meet the minimum initial goal do we charge your card and make the product.

If we don't meet the goal, no one gets charged. So, in other words, it's a lot of like-minded people putting their money together to create one large bulk order to get the new line off the ground.

This allows us to:

  • Buy all our raw materials in bulk at bigger discounts. We, in turn, pass this savings on to you in the form of lower per item prices.
  • Make enough product to spread out the costs of purchasing new equipment, hiring new people, and training on the new designs. Which again we pass on to you in savings.
  • Work together as a group to make a project happen that will help spread study resources and the Gospel in Honduras.

The Products

For our 2018 Kickstarter, we're proud to announce our new everyday carry



On top of everything else, for every person who backs one of our Kickstarter combo packages, Wild & Free Supply will donate and hand-deliver a Spanish Study Bible to someone on Honduras who will use it to learn and spread the Good News. You will get your name on our website with a photo or video of the person receiving your Bible. You can equip believers to preach, spread and live out the Gospel, and make an impact that will outlast your lifetime.

Our cofounders Lukas and Suzy VanDyke knew their mission and the mission they shared with so many others: They wanted to provide a way for busy Christians to fulfill their purpose with a single purchase. To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

They opened a workshop in the middle of Honduras in faith that God would have His hand on it. Our workshop has grown, and we’ve truly seen the Lord work on this ministry. Mario, a pastor, works part-time in our workshop and is now able to be close to home and support his family. A young man once involved in a gang is now in his third year of seminary. Each purchase enables these believers to keep serving, growing, and spreading the Gospel.