Coming Alongside Church Leaders In Developing Countries.

What makes our model distinct?

Seminary & Bible Training

Many Christians in developing nations desire to pursue seminary and Bible training but lack the means to do so. They are often forced to ask for handouts from richer countries, or ultimately forgo an education altogether simply because they can't afford the extra expense while providing for their families. In Honduras flexible work with livable pay is hard to come by. At Wild & Free Supply we identify people who are doing faithful ministry in their churches and going to local schools like TMAI, MEDA, and SEPE. We then help them further their education and ultimately their impact for Christ.

Working with Dignity

We believe that rather than just offering handouts, it’s better to create sustainable work and teach job skills that allow men and women in ministry to work with dignity. Like the Apostle Paul, they can be “tentmakers” as the need arises. Not only does this model create regular income, teach strong work ethic and help them provide for their families, but it also helps build local industry, and strengthens the local economy. After identifying faithful individuals to be part of our team, we provide on the job training, regular work, livable pay as well as flexible hours to allow our people time for ministry and Bible education.

Church Planting

By purchasing gear, you are helping support our artisan's families while they work hard to plant, grow and strengthen local Honduran churches. With the proper training, local in country church leaders are more effective at planting and pastoring churches than foreign missionaries since they are fluent in the language, have a better understanding of their culture, and are intimately connected to the people to whom they minister.

Meet Raul

Raul is passionate about providing jobs and sustainable income for pastors, church leaders, and other indigenous Christians in Honduras. Not only does he oversee the Honduras end of Wild & Free Supply, but he also owns and manages a construction company providing many more local jobs. Raul faithfully teaches the youth and young singles at his church each Sunday and is intimately involved with many projects like building new classrooms for a seminary, building a medical clinic attached to his church campus, hosting missions teams from the USA, and much more.


His long-term goals not only include continuing to help provide sustainable jobs but also to go to seminary and into full-time ministry. We are able to help supplement Raul’s income, as well as provide him affordable housing at our Honduran headquarters.

Behind the Scenes Photos