All of our products are made with full-grain or top-grain leather. That means that we use the original hide without sanding it down and stamping it with a fake texture and each piece will have a little bit of variation.

We go to great lengths to describe everything with photos, text descriptions and sometimes even videos. So it will be an extremely rare case where something doesn’t match the site. However, we know shopping online can sometimes be hard, so if you would like to make a return, we have two easy options that we feel are fair for both parties.

  1. We really want you to be happy, so If you received a product and it was notably different than the descriptions on our site (e.g. color was different, doesn’t work or fit things as described etc..), please shoot us an email to hello@wildandfreesupply.com within 30 days of delivery outlining how it differed from the website and we’ll get you a prepaid return label to ship it back to us. As long as it’s in the same condition as when you received it, we’ll offer a full refund when we get it.
  2. If you ordered a product just so you could look at it or try it out, and then decided you don’t like it, or want something different. Then just send it back to us at your expense within 30 days of delivery, and if it’s in new condition we’ll get you a full refund. The return address is:

Wild & Free Supply
8359 Ranchito Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 91402



Leather will develop a natural patina over time adding more character to your bag. It will also soften some, develop sag marks and stretch a little bit. This is all part of the process of breaking in your bag and making it one of a kind. Those are all good things. Bad things include broken rivets or buckles, broken seams, or other similar manufacturing defects. We will repair or replace any bags with manufacturing defects while using the bag under normal use within the first 3 years of ownership. If the bag is hit with a shotgun, run over by a big rig truck, left underwater, exposed to harsh chemicals, eaten by your dog, drawn on with a marker by your child or used in other ways not generally considered normal for a product of its type, it will void the warranty. If in doubt send us photos to hello@wildandfreesupply.com and we’ll let you know what can be done. Our goal is to make quality bags and make you happy.

Note: All our leather products are coated in a layer of beeswax to waterproof and protect them right before shipping. Sometimes if the layer is extra thick or the leather gets cold before it is fully absorbed the wax might become stiff or white. To absorb the leather into the bag, place it in the sun till it's warm (90-100 degrees), and then rub it with a cotton cloth. It's a good idea to treat all your leather products with a layer of leather wax once to twice a year.