Slave Labor vs. Our Labor

Slave Labor

We don't want to harp on everyone. Many big companies do a lot of ethically good things. However, on the flip side many department stores and other businesses force adult and child labor around the world to work long hours in horrible conditions. Scenarios like this keep the price down for you, but they in turn destroy the lives of a lot of people. People just like the 100+ people who were trapped behind locked doors working on a deadline for big brands and died in the recent Bangladesh factory fire shown above. We encourage everyone to spend a little time and find out where their products are coming from.

According to the Global Slavery Index  in 2016, we estimate that 45.8 million people are in some form of modern slavery.

According to the Global Slavery Index 167 countries currently have some sort of slavery.

Honduras is a country with less people than Los Angeles, California and yet there are still over 23,000 slaves.

How is Wild & Free Supply Different?

We were formed as a way to give people freedom, jobs, training, flexibility and a nurturing work environment. At Wild & Free Supply we know each of our workers personally and work hard to help make their lives better. That includes paying above minimum wage, allowing flexible hours and workdays and providing a comfortable work environment.

Scroll down to meet a few of our employees.


Mario was working as a cook in a dangerous area. He frequently experienced gang threats, extortion, and was forced to live far away from his family. As part of Wild & Free Supply he receives job training and more pay. We also give him every other week off work so he can go to school as part of a bi-weekly module program. He also now works within walking distance of his family. Mario is the king of some amazing carne asada and one of our favorite leather craftsmen.


Henry used to work construction. However, the construction company he worked for in Honduras was heavily reliant on building projects funded by donations from relief organizations in the United States. That said he was frequently out of work, and with the scarcity of available work didn't have a lot of other options. At Wild & Free Supply he enjoys steady full time work, more pay, and has become our master craftsman.


Erik is working hard to get his degree. In Honduras it's hard to find a flexible job that allows you to work part time and still go to school. At Wild & Free Supply we allow him to work half days throughout the week so he has time to attend class and study. When it comes to fast work, Erik is always pushing himself to make the most wallets per day! We love that about him!

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