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Information about our gear and what's going on in the world of Wild & Free Supply!

Our Gospel Mission

Learn more about our Gospel mission and what we are all about! 

Our Messenger Bags

At some point in their life, everyone looks for that perfect leather bag. The bag that you will live with as you go to work, get coffee with friends, or discover the world. That bag needs to be the one. A simple extension of yourself that represents who you are and what you stand for. A cheap mass market bag that easily falls apart with wear and tear will only let you down.You need a bag that wears IN instead of wearing OUT. With rustic full grain leather that tells a story. With solid brass buckles, you can count on. You need a bag that feels like an old friend.

Learn about our Kickstarter Campaign

In May of 2016 we launched a Kickstarter campaign. It's over now, but you can watch the video to learn what it was all about!

What's all the hype about?

How do you choose the clothes you wear? The bag you use? The shoes you walk in? What if your choice had the power to do good? To help people? What if that simple purchase could be part of something so much bigger?

Bad Wallet vs. Good Wallet

Learn about the different kinds of leather and why department store leather products always fall apart so quickly.

Visiting the Tannery

Come with us on a visit to the tannery where we get our leather.

Don's Visit to the Wild & Free Supply Workshop in Honduras

A 2 minute video talking to Don about his visit to the Wild & Free Supply Workshop in Honduras and the guys he met.

What is Wallet 2.0?

They key differences between our original classic wallet, and wallet 2.0.